Club Station

Our Club Station is located at the Greenwood Community Centre.

Our club station consists of:

HF: Kenwood TS590SG, Jetstream JTPS-75 Power Supply, MC 60 Desk Mike, MFJ Versa Tuner IV, Kenwood TL 922 Amplifier and a Hygain TailTwister Rotor. Antennas are Cushcraft A3S Triband Yagi and Windom Multiband Dipole.

VHF/UHF: Alinco DR-635 Dual Bander, Astron RS-35A Power Supply and uses
a vertical antenna.

Our club also has an emergency kit for portable deployment in times of emergency. The kit consists of:

Icom IC-718 with an LDG IT-100 tuner for HF, Yeasu FT7900 for VHF/UHF and a JTPS28M Jetstream Power Supply to power them.

Antennas are Buxxcom Windom Multiband HF Dipole and Jetstream JTB3 Dual Band Vertical.

For emergency power we have a 3000 Watt Honda Generator.